Children's Ministry

At Nativity, all ages matter, and all stages are important to making this a thriving community of faith.  

Worship is the center of the Christian life, and we think it's important for children to learn to worship. The best way to learn to worship is to worship. So, we encourage parents to bring their children to worship, and to grab a worship bag on the way in. These worship bags are intentionally not "busy bags" - they help children follow along in the worship service in kid-friendly ways. Children can (and do!) lead parts of worship. We think children are so important that instead of siloing them out to a separate place away from the rest of the congregation, that we dedicate 5-10 minutes of worship for a message directly to them. Children aren't an afterthought - they matter.  

After worship, children can grab a snack, and then come back to the sanctuary for Sunday School. During this time, teachers explain one of the Bible readings more in depth, the children have time to build relationships, and they do something that actively engages the lesson for the day. Sunday School ends about 11:15 a.m., August through June.  

If you have questions, please email Pastor Will at