Small Group Ministry

Small groups provide space to pursue faith, engage spiritual growth, and deepen Biblical understanding through close relationships that inspire daily spiritual development. While that's a mouthful, we also think it's true. Small groups aren't just a place to hang out every once in a while. They are an intentional commitment that create change and deepen relationship with God.  

Small groups meet on a regular basis to create relationships, because we need other people to walk this life of faith with. Small groups help empower leaders, by raising up leaders within a group, and through leaders meeting together to care for each other. Small groups help form faith - just like children go to school regularly and adults attend seminars and trainings and continuing education events, Christians need intentional time to mold their lives of faith into reflections of Jesus. And small groups deepen spirituality - humans are not just bodies and minds, but spiritual beings who need to build connection with the Holy Spirit.  

At Nativity, our small group ministry is open to members and non-members. If you are interested in a group, contact our Office Administrator, Penny, at