Our Values
Faith, Love and Care For All
Our Vision
Cultivate a faith center for the community that enriches lives and welcomes all.
Our Mission
Pursuing a deep, authentic faith in Jesus Christ that moves us to engage and love all creation.
How we came up with our Values, Vision, and Mission:

Our Council invested time in 2022 to reflect on who we have been, who we are, and who we hope to be in the future. Through engaging conversation and Spirit-filled prayer, we discerned these will be our guiding principles for the next portion of the life of Nativity Lutheran Church.

What do our Values mean?

The life of Nativity Lutheran Church is centered in Faith – specifically Faith in the God who has created, redeemed, and sustains life in this world. This Faith is a gift, and we are called to share it with others through our words and actions.

Out of our Faith comes Love – Love that is part of each of our interactions. We strive to show the Love that Jesus exemplified when he walked on earth. Sometimes it’s easy to love, sometimes love is tough...but the Love of Jesus binds us together when life is good and when life is hard.

And from this Love is born Care for All...and when we say “All”, we mean All. All people, regardless of whatever qualifiers are put before or after those people: age, ethnicity, sexuality, food allergies, housing status, etc., etc. And that “All” means non-humans, too – including plants and animals, air and earth, and All of creation.

What does the Vision Statement mean?

Our vision is that our congregation and the land our building sits on will become a central hub for faith in the Reunion/north Commerce City area. We don’t know exactly what that will look like yet, but we are actively working to make this vision a reality.

What does the Mission Statement mean?

Jesus meets us where we are...but we are never the same after that interaction. We are called not just to have faith, but to let it change us, and empower us to love and change the world.